Aviation and Mass Transit (Subway, Trains and Buses)

New York aviation and mass transit (subway, trains and buses) attorney

Whether injured in a plane accident, train accident, subway or bus accident, you need someone fighting for you who will know how to protect your rights. Alan Chorne has successfully represented aviation and mass transit accident victims for decades. His successes include a case involving a subway crash that resulted in a significant verdict against the New York City Transit Authority.

The New York City Transit Authority denied fault and tried to claim the injuries weren’t a result of the crash of their train. Alan Chorne, using his professional know how and personal resources was able to prove to the jury that the negligence of the New York City Transit Authority was the cause of the injuries. Alan Chorne does whatever it takes to win a case including calling in experts; including doctors, accident reconstruction experts, police and more because that’s what a good trial attorney does.

In airplane crashes, teams of experts are often required. Your attorney’s job is to obtain investigation information from involved government agencies including the FAA to help determine whether it was pilot error, poor maintenance, equipment malfunction or design flaws that caused a crash. There can be many causes to an accident and Alan Chorne’s job is to find out the true cause and be sure that you, the client, receive what you deserve if you’ve been injured.

Bus crashes often leave many people injured because of negligence on the part of the bus operator or owner. For over two decades Alan Chorne has successfully prosecuted cases against bus companies, obtaining awards for victims.

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