Product Liability and Defective Products

New York product liability and defective products attorney

Dangerous and defective products cause serious injuries everyday. Unfortunately people are hurt everyday by defective toys, flammable fabrics, cars, contaminated food, household appliances and drugs. Lawnmowers, ATV’s, snow blowers, conveyors, punch presses, saws and a host of other products are constantly causing serious injuries.

Ladders break, scaffolds malfunction, furniture breaks, toys contain lead. Whatever the danger is, you need the right lawyer to help. Whether the product is contaminated, breaks, malfunctions or lacks an adequate warning…you have rights.

Medical devices, heart pacemakers, Sulzer/Hip replacements, defective tires are just some of the products involved.

If you have been injured or if a family member has been injured or killed, you may well be entitled to collect money damages.

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