Lead Poisoning

New York lead poisoning attorney

Lead poisoning occurs way too often and is most dangerous in young children. Lead based paint is often the cause of the poisoning. In older apartments peeling, chipping paint, or even the dust from paint with lead can cause serious injuries. Even a small amount can lead to serious damages in a young child. The Center for Disease Control and The State of New York and City of New York consider the presence of 10mg/dl of lead in the bloodstream to mean that a child has suffered lead poisoning.

Exposure can come from lead paint in an apartment or building. It can also come from toys. There have been many toys recalled because they have been painted with a lead based paint or the toy contains lead. This is especially dangerous, since young children often put toys in there mouth.

Lead poisoning can result in brain damage, learning disabilities, poor school performance, attention and hyperactivity problems, and behavioral problems. It can also affect future income, schooling, and the ability to live independently.

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If a family member has suffered lead poisoning you may well be entitled to collect money damages.

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