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Unfortunately, at one time or another, you or someone you know may be injured in an accident involving a car, truck, van, bus, motorcycle or other motor vehicle. This may even involve an ATV or snowmobile. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most frequent causes of injury.

Drivers, passengers and pedestrians all have rights and are entitled to be compensated for sustained injuries. Driver’s fail to stop, often don’t see what is ahead of them, make dangerous turns, and at times back up and hit people. Sometimes vehicles don’t have their lights on or fail to signal when turning. Alan Chorne has represented many people injured by rental cars that are dangerously operated. Unfortunately people that are drunk, intoxicated or impaired by the use of alcohol and drugs often cause accidents.

Injuries from motor vehicles and auto accidents are often very severe. Alan Chorne has represented people who have fractured and broken bones, have torn ligaments often in the knees or shoulders, have suffered head and brain injuries, and have injured their spine, neck and back. In many cases injuries result in nerve damage, broken, fractured or dislocated bones, paralysis, loss of limbs and even death. These injuries can cause a loss of income, and the inability to work and care for yourself and your family.

When choosing a lawyer you need someone with the experience to understand all of the different ways an injury can affect you and your family. The ability to document and prove all of your injuries is necessary to ensure that you and your family are fully compensated.

During his years of experience, Alan Chorne has successfully represented and tried cases involving pedestrians, drivers, passengers, cyclists and motorcyclists. When an accident is the result of intoxicated or drunk drivers, drivers failing to pay attention, defective cars or brakes, speeding, or driver negligence you need to be represented by an expert attorney, one who knows that obtaining police reports, taking photos at the accident scene, interviewing witnesses and the police are all steps that are often necessary. Some cases may even require experts including accident reconstruction. You need an attorney with the experience to know how to protect your rights. Alan Chorne will make sure your no fault claims are filed in a timely manner along with other related medical claims. He will make sure that your bills paid on time so you can concentrate on getting better. He will investigate all the possible sources of insurance and recover what is rightfully yours. Many times your own policy can provide additional benefits. The policy may contain supplemental underinsurance (SUM) also know as underinsurance.

Hit and run accidents and accidents involving uninsured cars don’t take away your right to collect money damages as an injured party. Often there is insurance available to protect you. As a passenger in your car or someone else’s you are protected under uninsured motorist coverage. There is also MVAIC which provides coverage. These claims have strict time deadlines so that it is crucial that you contact Alan Chorne immediately.

Alan Chorne has dedicated himself to fighting for the interests of the injured and hurt, by making sure that insurance companies do the one thing they hate the most: Paying full value on the claims brought by people who have been injure through no fault of their own.

If you have been injured, or if a friend or family member has been injured or killed in an auto accident in New State call Alan Chorne today to find out if you are entitled to collect money damages. Even if an accident takes place outside of New York State, please feel free to call. Alan Chorne can make arrangements for representation to protect your interests.

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