Governmental Liability, Municipal Liability, Schools

New York government liability, municipal liability and schools attorney

Government has many duties and responsibilities that the law requires. Whether it is to provide safe sidewalks, safe roads or protect our children while in school, all too often people are hurt due to the failure to keep the public safe and protected.

Whether you or a family member are injured by a pothole in the sidewalk or road, a dangerous sidewalk or hurt while at school, you do have rights. Children are constantly injured while at school by things that could have been avoided. Sexual assault, unfortunately, can also takes place when children are entrusted to schools. So often you hear about sports injuries that happen that happen that should have been avoided. Playgrounds and parks are often unsafe. Often Hospitals that are operated by municipal corporations have unsafe conditions which can cause injury to you. The New York City Transit Authority and many other government agencies operate buses, cars and trains, where accidents occur. When someone is hurt, they need to retain the right attorney to protect their rights. Alan Chorne has successfully brought claims against these agencies for over 25 years.

Cases against the City of New York, New York State, New York City Health and Hospital Corp, counties, other governments or other public authorities always carry strict time deadlines for filing the claim and for bringing the suit. Such time limits are crucial. Filing time frames are particularly crucial in civil rights violations cases as such cases often involves municipalities, so be sure to contact Alan Chorne immediately if you believe you have a such a case.

Alan Chorne has dedicated himself to fighting for the interests of the injured and hurt, in court and out, to make sure that his clients receive their measure of justice.

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