False Arrest and Civil Rights Violations

New York false arrest and civil rights violations attorney

The Constitution of the United States and New York State protect the rights of individuals. Civil rights violations may involve false arrest and/or wrongful imprisonment. Unfortunately people are frequently the victims of wrongful conviction, police brutality, and the use of excessive force by legal authorities. DNA evidence has been used to prove wrongful convictions. Compensation for these violations is available. Lives have been disrupted and often destroyed.

New York City Police and other police departments can and should be held accountable for the damages they cause others. If you think you have been the victim of false arrest, police brutality, wrongful imprisonment, the use of excessive force by a legal authority, or any other civil rights violation, it is important that you contact Alan Chorne immediately since there are strict filing deadlines. If the claims are not filed timely and properly you can loose all of your rights.

Alan Chorne has been successfully involved in cases where the police have had to pay millions of dollars in damages for failing to protect a person after undertaking protection. Orders of protection must be followed.

Alan Chorne has dedicated himself to fighting for and helping people who have been victimized. If your family member has been hurt as a result of a police brutality, false arrest, wrongful conviction, false imprisonment, or any other civil rights violation, contact Alan Chorne right away.

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