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Medical Malpractice


for loss of vision in a special needs 17-year-old as a result of malpractice. For failure to diagnose shunt failure.

Negligent Care


for burns suffered by a senior citizen due to negligent care.

Pedestrian Accident


for a pedestrian struck by a bus in NYC while in the crosswalk. Client sustained spinal injuries that required surgery.

Pedestrian Accident


Pedestrian hit by NYC Police car who was going too fast. The pedestrian crossed against the signal and out of the crosswalk. The accident caused numerous fractures and and head injuries.

Medical Malpractice


Medical Malpractice, failure to treat and diagnose vascular problems in a 68 year old woman's foot leading to amputation. The doctors claimed that the foot was fine and the problems developed after they saw the patient. We proved there was vascular insufficiency that the doctors failed to diagnose and treat.

Construction Accidents


verdict, for a Queens County construction worker's fall from a height while working. A jury agreed with Mr. Chorne’s presentation and held NYC and major construction companies liable. This case was reported in both The Daily News and Newsday.

Slip and Fall


verdict for a Florida resident who was injured at Penn Station in New York City. The jury held Amtrak 100% at fault for the fall the pedestrian suffered in the station causing fractured vertebrae in the back which required surgery. The results of this case were published in the New York Post. This was in the Federal Court.

Workplace Injuries


verdict for a plumber who brought suit under New York State's Labor Laws, for severely fractured bilateral calcani (bottom of both feet) who fell off ladder while installing ceiling pipe. This was reported in the New York Jury Verdict Reporter.

Pedestrian Accident


settlement for a pedestrian struck by a commercial van that was leased from Ford Motor Credit. She sustained permanent memory and functional losses.

Medical Malpractice


for a child who lost part of his arm as a result of medical malpractice. The pediatrician was sued for failing to take a complete history and perform a thorough exam. As a result a heart defect was missed and a blood clot cut off circulation to the arm.

Birth Injuries


for brain damage and cerebral palsy as a result of failing to perform a caesarean section. It was claimed that the doctor allowed the infant to suffer lack of oxygen and fetal distress causing brain damage.

Medical Malpractice


for a woman who experienced excessive bleeding during child birth. This resulted in her going into a coma and eventually dying. Other attorneys had turned her case down saying that the doctors and hospitals did not commit malpractice. With a thorough investigation and the help of top experts, Alan Chorne was able to successfully prosecute this case.

Erbs Palsy


for erb’s palsy and brain damage in an infant. Excessive traction during the delivery caused damage to the infant’s arm. The baby also suffered brain damage.

Construction Accidents


for a worker who lost his leg in a dangerous conveyor. The conveyor did not have proper lock outs, or emergency switches. A product liability lawsuit, that included claims of poor design, lack of warning and claims that it wasn’t safe for the intended use were successfully brought.

Construction Accidents


for an inspector who fell at a construction site in NYC. There were a lack of barricades and this caused to him to fall of a building a fracture his spine.

Car Accident


for a passenger in a one car accident. The passenger suffered head injuries and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Claims were made that the driver was intoxicated and had consumed alcohol. The employer of the driver and owner of the car were successfully held responsible.

For over three decades Alan Chorne has represented the injured and successfully obtained justice for them. Alan Chorne has successfully tried cases before New York State Supreme Court judges and juries. He has also successfully tried cases in the courts of the United States, including the District Courts of the United States in New York. Keep in mind that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome, as every case is different.There are hundreds of other cases, some in the millions and others less.NO MATTER THE SIZE OF YOUR CASE, YOU SHOULD CONSULT ALAN CHORNE.Call Alan Chorne at 212 349-9100 or contact him onlinefor a FREE consultation.

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