Birth Injury, Newborn Babies and Infants

New York Birth Injury Attorney

Having a baby is probably the most important event that can happen. The care of you and your newborn are put in the hands of obstetricians, midwives, and prenatal clinics. Unfortunately, when mistakes and negligence occur, the effects are devastating. This often has tragic effects upon the victims and their families.

Alan Chorne has been representing families, mothers and fathers and damaged children for decades, holding doctors, hospitals, obstetricians, and midwifes responsible for their mistakes. Unfortunately, throughout NYC, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and the surrounding counties mistakes happen all too often. Whether it is a private doctor, clinic, NYCH&H hospital or private hospital, you have rights if injuries occur.

More common errors often occur due to the misreading the fetal monitor strips, failure to recognize a large baby, failure to do a caesarean section. Other mistakes include using excessive force during the delivery or failing to deliver twins and multiple births properly. At times, high risk pregnancies including; diabetes, preeclyampsia or a breach are mishandled. The mishandling of the birth of your child puts that baby at risk for serious injuries and lifelong disabilities.

When a newborn suffers a birth injury or damage including cerebral palsy (CP), erbs palsy, brachial plexus injury and fractures, Klumpke’s palsy, brain damage or mental retardation, you need a lawyer with the experience to protect all of you rights and to protect your child for a lifetime.

The costs of lifetime care, therapy, schooling and even residential placement can run into the millions of dollars. You need an attorney who will prove all of the losses, physical, mental and economic.

Whether the doctors and nurses failed to recognize fetal distress, late decelerations, late of beat to beat variability, failed to perform a c-section, failed to observe and monitor the labor or fetal heart beat, failed to use forceps or a vacuum extraction properly, or failed to recognize a lack of oxygen, hypoxia, anoxia or other symptoms of fetal distress, you need to call an attorney with decades of experience.

Alan Chorne is that attorney. Regular referrals to him from the NYC Bar Association Legal Referral Service, attorneys throughout New York City, New York State, New Jersey and around the country are as a result of his success, expertise, and experience. Fitzgerald and Associates chooses Alan Chorne for all of their New York birth damage cases for a reason.

Lisa Meyer works with Alan Chorne to help you in these cases. Her experience and expertise in early intervention, physical therapy, occupational therapy, vocational therapy and special education and school requirements including FAPE (Fair and appropriate education) help to bring more insight and understanding into the injuries suffered. All of this can lead to full and complete compensation. Don’t settle for just anyone.

Victims of malpractice and their families need to work with a lawyer who has the expertise to hold the doctors and hospitals responsible and to compassionately help your family and aggressively seek justice in Court.

Whether a private doctor, hospital, New York City Health and Hospitals, New York State or other is responsible, Alan Chorne will hold them accountable. He has handled cases like this successfully for more than two decades.

If your child or family member has suffered a birth related injury you need to consult the right lawyer.

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