Disabled and Handicapped Children and Adults

New York disabled and handicapped children and adult attorney

Whether a person suffers from a physical or mental disability, they often require special care and attention. All too often they suffer injuries from the failure of proper supervision by caregivers and the lack of ability to recognize personal needs or provide proper care and attention.

Whether during medical visits, school, during transportation or at home, a failure of proper care can result in serious injury to the most vulnerable. Alan Chorne has handled cases where an aide has failed to do his or her job properly resulting in injuries that could have been avoided. Whether being struck by a car, falling, having been sexually or otherwise physically abused, these unfortunate things happen.

You need an attorney that understands the special needs of adults and children. Whether suffering from mental retardation, cerebral palsy, emotional disabilities, wheelchair bound, balance problems, dementia, or any other disability, people of all ages have rights that must be protected. These unfortunate events occur at group homes, special schools, on the bus, in hospitals and every other place their lives take them.

If you, a disabled family member or someone else disabled you know has been injured, call Alan Chorne today. He has successfully brought claims against these agencies for over 25 years.

Alan Chorne has dedicated himself to fighting for the interest of disabled people of all ages who have been injured or hurt, in court and out, to make sure that his clients receive their measure of justice.

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